PMTS 2019 - April 2nd to 4th

Stop by our Booth # 8056 at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland

See our selection of innovative Hgh Quality Products which ensure increased productivity.

Unique tooling designs provide exceptional solutions to common issues machining on Swiss style lathes.

TFX Front turn inserts machine large depths of cut (up to 0.197") in one pass.

Y-Axis holders utilize gravity to guide chips away from the machined surface.

DS-ACH (adjustable centerline height) holders are a solution for swiss lathes without Y2 axis capability

Shaper Duo - Hex, Square, & Hexalobular socket machining 

Thread Whirling systems                                  Indexible End mills                               NEW Carbide end mills

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Mar 06, 2019


HOUSTEX 2019 - February 26th to 28th

Stop by our Booth # 2822 at the George R. Brown Convention Center

See our selection of innovative High Quality Products which ensure increased productivity for your applications.


 CBN Inserts - wide Selection - Excellent performance - Competatively Priced

PCD inserts - PD1, PD2, and NEW UC1 (Ultra fine diamond grain)

Micro-grain Carbide inserts - Uncoated KM1, PVD Coated selection

and NEW ST4 for stainless steels especially 304 & 17-4PH

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Feb 08, 2019