HC1/HW2Continuous machining of gray cast iron| Alumina ceramic (White ceramics)

First recommendation for finishing gray cast iron

High-speed performance is achievable with the thermally and chemically stable alumina ceramic blend

Effective machining at speeds up to 2300 SFM


  • Best grade for high-speed finishing
  • HC1 grade - best wear resistance
  • HW2 grade - outstanding fracture resistance

Tooling application

Gray cast iron
Finish Turning

Grade characteristics

Cutting conditions

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Grade Material Operation type Machining Cutting speed (SFM) cylinder liners Feed(IPR) DOC(inch) Coolant
HC1 Gray cast iron Turning Finish turning of Gray cast iron 1200 -2300 600 - 1800 .004 - .016 - .080 DRY
HW2 Roughing to semi-interrupted finishing of gray cast
Roughing to finishing of cylinder liners
1200 - 2100

Gray cast iron finishing application

Special inserts for Poly V pulley machining

Case study

Disk brake
Material :
Cutting speed :
2100 SFM
Feed :
0118 IPR
.0197 inch
Coolant :

130 pcs / corner

Competitor's black ceramic

60 pcs / corner

HC1 doubled the tool life of the competitor's black ceramic.
Cylinder liner
Material :
Chilled iron
Cutting speed :
2000 SFM
Feed :
.013 IPR
.118 inch
Coolant :

70 pcs / corner

Competitor's ceramic

30 pcs / corner

HW2 doubled the tool life and achieved superior surface finishes on the part compared to the competitor's insert.

Tool lineup

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