AM3chipbreakerFor front turning operations | Swiss CNC Lathes

Molded chipbreaker with a balance of cutting edge strength and chip control

Stable machining performance due to its toughness and sharp cutting edge

To support 24 hour continuous machining operations

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  • Depth of cut ranges from .020 up to .080 inch
  • Excellent edge strength for stable machining
  • AM3 -WP wiper style insert guarantees improved cycle time and superior surface finishes

Tooling application

Swiss CNC Lathe front turning operations

AM3 chip control range

Cutting conditions

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Coated grade Material Operation type Cutting speed (SFM) Feed (IPR) DOC (inch)
ST4 Stainless OD Turning continuous 150 - 400 .0008 - .004 .020 - .118
QM3 Alloy steel / carbon steel / hardened material 150 - 500
DM4/DT4 Difficult-to-cut material / titanium alloy / high temp alloys 75 - 330
TM4 Non-ferrous / aluminum / plastic / general purpose 150 - 600

Chipbreaker geometry

① AM3 designed for a wide range of machining from medium to light depths of cut
② Sharp cutting edge for shearing material

Achieves excellent surface finishes even at high feed rates - wiper style insert (AM3-WP)

A. For conventional tools feed rate is reduced to maintain good surface finish which results in chip control issues.
B. If the feed rate is increased, the surface finish will deteriorate.
C. Inserts with a wiper help to maintain chip control and surface finishes even during high feed machining.
*when applying the DCGT... AM3-WP insert, use with our SDJC type holder (lead angle 93 degrees)

Case study

Front turning
Material :
Cutting speed :
180 SFM
Feed :
.002 IPR
.016 inch

After running 900 parts, the competitor's insert resulted in a dimensional change of .0016" while DM4 had better machining stability with parts showing dimensional change of only .0007" after the same amount of parts machined.

Front turning
Material :
Cutting speed :
100 ~ 270 SFM
Feed :
.001 IPR
Replacement :
.006 inch

1,500 pcs / corner

Conventional tool

700 pcs / corner

The current tool resulted in a measured surface finish of Ry = 10.2μm with 500 parts machined and a .004" dimensional change from the start of production.
DT4 achieved dimensional consistency and machined 1000 parts all with surface finish of Ry 2.3 μm.

Tool lineup

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