SPLASH seriesCoolant through toolholders | Swiss CNC Lathes

Extensive selection of styles and sizes

Solve chip issues with coolant focused on chip evacuation

Utilizing coolant through tools eliminates chip issues and realizes stable machining
Effectively cools the cutting edge and extends tool life


  • Coolant is directed to control chip removal
  • Improves stability of machining environment
  • Supplies coolant directly to cutting edge to control heat and slow down edge wear

Tooling application

Front turning / Back turning / Grooving / Threading / Cut off / ID boring

Extensive selection of styles and sizes

Front turning

Coolant flow from two locations (12mm and 16mm shank) directs the chips away from the guide bushing.

Back turning

By focusing coolant to cutting edge chips are flushed away from the machined surface to achieve an excellent surface finish.

Direct gang coolant connection "OH3"

  • New CTP-SUB cut-off holder lineup
  • Lineup expansion of 16mm sq. shank tools with direct connect capability

NEW! " PTXNR type" for negative triangle inserts

  • TNGG inserts with superior cost performance can be installed

Coolant is supplied directly from the tool post to the tool

OH3 Hole Position Reference Chart

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Make * Model Tool position** Shank size Overhang Direct Connect Toolholder Coolant Port
Citizen-Cincom L12(2M) T02 - T07 □10 17.5mm B
T01 □12 24.5mm C
M32(5M) T01 - T05 □16 25.0mm C
D25 T10 - T13 , T30 - T32
L20(2M/3M) T01 30.0mm A
STAR SB-16Ⅲ T100 - T500( T600) □12 22.0mm C
SD-26 type S T100 □16 30.0mm
T200 - T700 25.0mm
TSUGAMI B026/32-Ⅲ Series T05 - T09 , T11 - T15 , T26, T27 □16 26.0mm B
BW269/329ZJ T05 - T09 , T26, T27
SS267/327-Ⅲ,  SS267/327-Ⅲ-5AX T05 - T09 , T25 - T27
SS207-Ⅲ, SS207-Ⅲ-5AX
S205/206-Ⅱ S205A/206A-Ⅱ
T05 - T10 , T26 - T28 □16(option) 26.0mm A

*Based on information from September 2022 ** The tool position varies depending on the option setting. Please confirm in advance.

Compatible with various coolant hose connections (OH, OH2, OH3)

Holder side connection option

Holder rear connection option

ID boring holder side connection

Hose mounting example (vertical gang style)

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