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Do you know the difference between a Swiss type CNC automatic lathe and a traditional CNC lathe and the cutting tools used?

A Swiss type CNC automatic lathe and a CNC lathe, they are similar lathe machines, but did you know they are completely different? In this edition, we will introduce the 4 differences between the cutting tools used based on the mechanical structure of Swiss CNC automatic lathes and CNC lathes. What is the difference between a “Swiss CNC automatic lathe” and a “CNC lathe”? forte: We are good at machining a large…

The aspects of “chip control” that you should check when workpiece damage or poor dimensioning are detected during Swiss type CNC automatic lathe machining

Have you experienced these problems in your day-to-day machining ? Workpiece damage Poor workpiece dimensioning There are a variety of possible causes, but in this column, from the viewpoint of “chip control”, we will introduce tips for solving workpiece defects. Let’s look at the chips. A B What did the chips look like after machining and you experienced a problem with workpiece damage or poor workpiece dimensioning? Were there any broken chips…

Two reasons why ceramic tools can be used for “high-speed cutting”

If you hear “ceramic tool”, does an image of it “breaking” come to mind? Like if you drop a tea cup, it’s breaking, right? In this article, we will discuss two reasons why ceramic tools can realize significant “productivity improvement” at the manufacturing site. Question: What is ceramic for tooling in the first place? Isn’t it the same material used for pottery? Answer: It is completely different from material used for pottery….