CTP/CTPA-THchipbreakerFor cut-off operations for diameters up to .630"| Swiss CNC lathe

Special design for stainless steel cut-off applications

Strong cutting edge achieves stable cut-off operations on stainless steel

Eliminates chipping on cutting edge that is common during part cut-off operations


  • Best selling CTP series inserts specializing in machining difficult to cut stainless steels (304 SS, 316SS, 630SS)
  • TH chipbreaker's strong cutting edge eliminates common issue of edge chipping to ensure stable machining
  • Effective for austenitic and precipitation hardened stainless steels with high nickel content

Tooling application

Swiss CNC lathe Cut-off operations

Cutting edge comparison

Cutting edge with land feature and sharpness improves insert strength

[ Cutting conditions ]
Material : 304SS φ.433" 270 SFM f (x) = .001 IPR
[ Tools used ]
Insert : CTP type .079 inch width Holder : CTPR12

Cutting conditions

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Maximum cut-off diamter
Coated grade Material Operation type Cutting speed (SFM) Feed (IPR) CTP type CTPA type
ST4 Stainless Cut off 100 - 500 .001 - .003 φ.472" φ.630"

Case study

Material :
Cutting speed :
100 SFM
Feed :
.001 IPR
Coolant :
TH chipbreaker

30,000 pcs / corner

Competitor's wiper insert
(PVD coated carbide)
20,000 pcs / corner

TH chipbreaker achieved stable machining by preventing insert edge chipping.
The ST4 grade, specializing in machining stainless steel, extended tool life by 1.5 times compared to competitor's insert.。

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