HFCSeriesMilling cutter for machining aluminum parts| PCD inserts

Maximum insert count for increased productivity

φ125 diameter cutter has 22 inserts achieving outstanding machining performance

φ50 to φ125 diameter lineup
Obtains 1.5 times better productivity than the competition

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  • Highly efficient machining is achieved with more inserts
  • Lightweight aluminum cutter body to accommodate ATC weight limitations
    *ATC = automatic tool changer on CNC

Tooling application

Milling aluminum

Cutting conditions

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●1st Recommendation
〇2nd Recommendation
Grade Material Cutting speed (m/min) Feed(mm/rev) DOC(mm) DRY WET
PD1 Aluminum alloy (SI≦13) 900 - 3000 - 5000 0.05 - 0.12 - 0.20 ~ 6.35
PD1 Aluminum alloy (Si≧13) 300 - 600 - 900 0.05 - 0.12 - 0.20 ~ 6.35

Cutter weight and insert comparison

HFC cutter weight is half that of others on the market
A 125mm cutter + BT30 arbor* weighs 2kg or less.
At that weight, the 125mm cutter can even be used on a compact machine!
* Using a BT30-FMNA25.4-40 (0.7kg)

Safety clamp mechanism

Unique pocket design uses a wedge shape and centrifugal forces to help prevent the insert from sliding out.

Insert can be reground up to 4 times

  • Each regrind will reduce the width and height of the insert by 0.1mm(.004") from its previous dimension.
  • A star is added to indicate the number of regrinds.
  • Maximum number of regrinds is 4 times (the total dimensional change will be 0.4mm from the new product)

*The number of re-grinds per insert may vary depending upon cutting edge damage evaluation.

HFC cutter adjustment and handling procedure


1. Loosen the axial adjustment screw
2. Install inserts (lightly hand tighten)
3. Clean the inserts
4. Adjust height of inserts (initial setup)
5. Tighten wedge set screw (firmly tighten)
6. Final insert height adjustment

NTK cutter setup and balance service

  • Preset and balancing service for new and reground inserts.
  • We provide customers with safe and reliable machining.

Case study

Transmission case (φ63, 10 edges, WET)
Material :
Cutting speed :
1,978 m/min
0.5 mm
Flatness :
6 μm

10,000 mm/min

Competitor's PCD cutter
7,920 mm/min

HFC cutter achieved 1.3 times higher productivity than the competitor's PCD cutter.

Tool lineup

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