Ceramic and CBN for steel mill applicationsTools for mill roll turning| Ceramic and CBN inserts

High speed performance, longer tool life, and better part surface finish compared to carbide tools

Ceramic inserts effectively perform at high speed ranges

The best selection of Ceramic and CBN grades to successfully machine the application
Light to heavy edge preparations to handle any cutting conditions.


Ceramic insert advantage

  • Harder material than carbide for high-speed machining
  • A lack of metal in its composition allows it to minimize tool damage from heat
  • Improved part surface finishes due to stable performance of alumina TiC ceramic.
  • Cost effective alternative to CBN

CBN grades:

  • High CBN content increases impact resistance
  • Increased wear resistance machining abrasive materials
  • B30 & B99 are ideal for carbide rolls

Tooling application

Turning mill roll materials

Features of insert grades

Insert grade selection

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Ceramic insert application guideline
① shape characteristic

Edge strength increases as the insert geometry angle increases.
Note that as the insert strength increases so do cutting forces.

Ceramic insert application guideline
② edge preparations

Insert damage can be reduced by increasing the edge preparation.
Insert machining stability will be improved during roughing.

Ceramic insert application guideline
③ Minimize overhang

By minimizing the toolholder overhang the setup is more rigid and eliminates chatter. (a main cause of insert chipping)

Industry specific tools

NTK provides specialized tools with industry specific insert geometries and coordinated holders.

Case study

Forming roll
Material :
SKD11 (Hs 70-75)
Cutting speed :
330 SFM
Feed :
.0099 IPR
.0118 inch
Coolant :

2 pcs/ corner

Competitor's black ceramic

1 pcs/ corner

HC7 performed with 2 times longer tool life compared to competitor's black ceramic.

Bending roll
Material :
S45C Carbon Steel (1045 steel) (Hs 80-)
Cutting speed :
200 SFM
Feed :
.020 IPR
.0118 inch
Coolant :

2 pcs(6,000L)/ corner

Competitor's black ceramic

1 pcs(3,000L)/ corner

WA1 achieved twice the tool life compared to competitor's black ceramic. Customer: "I had always used the same black ceramic product, but now I see the performance difference between products."

Tool lineup

Please check product catalog for tooling lineup

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