SX9Excellent notch and flank wear resistance when roughing gray cast iron|Sialon ceramic

Ceramic grade with the best fracture resistance

Stable machining even in tough applications

Significantly improve productivity when replacing carbide tools with SX9


  • The toughest ceramic grade
  • Excellent thermal shock and fracture resistance due to the needle-shaped particles formed during the ceramic manufacturing process

Tooling application

Gray cast iron with scale
Rough Turning / Milling /End milling

Grade characteristics

Cutting conditions

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Grade Material Operation type Machining Cutting speed (SFM) Feed(IPR / IPT) DOC(inch) Coolant
SX9 Gray cast iron Turning Roughing with scale, Rough to semi-finish machining 1000 - 2600 .012 - .024 - .140 DRY
Milling 1200 - 2300 .002 - .004 -

Gray cast iron rough milling application

Gray cast iron ceramic End mill application

Case study

Machine parts
Material :
Workpiece condition :
with scale
Cutting speed :
2170 SFM (SX9)
270 SFM (Competitor’s CVD coated carbide)
Feed :
.0059  IPR
.0789 inch
Coolant :

850 pcs / corner

Competitor’s CVD coated carbide

300 pcs / corner

SX9 achieved stable machining results in this interrupted turning operation.
By replacing the CVD coated carbide with ceramic there was a significant reduction in cutting tool costs and an increase in production.
Brake disc
Material :
Workpiece condition :
with scale
Cutting speed :
1500 SFM
Feed :
.0157 IPR
.0787 inch
Coolant :

360 pcs / corner

Whisker ceramic

264 pcs / corner

SX9 machined at the same cutting conditions as the current whisker ceramic and resulted in a reduction in tooling cost for the customer.

Tool lineup

Please check product catalog for tooling lineup

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