SX6Exceptional wear resistance for rough machining of gray cast iron| Silicon nitride ceramic

First recommendation for roughing gray cast iron

Machine gray cast iron at Speeds ~ 3900 SFM

Outstanding boundary wear resistance
Outstanding thermal shock resistance

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  • Superior tool life during high-speed machining due to its wear resistance
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance when turning and milling with coolant

Tooling application

Gray cast iron with scale
Rough Turning / Milling

Grade characteristics

Cutting conditions

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Grade Material Operation type Machining Cutting speed (SFM) Feed (IPR /IPT) DOC(inch) Coolant
SX6 Gray cast iron Turning Roughing with scale, Rough to semi-finish machining 1500 -3500 .012 - .025 - .140 DRY / WET
Milling 1500 -4200 .003 - .010

Why is silicon nitride ceramic resistant to chipping?

The main component is silicon nitride(Si3N4), which differs from alumina-based materials in that its particles are needle-like.
The intertwining of the needle-like particles greatly suppresses the progression of cracks caused by impact during cutting and prevents chipping.

Gray cast iron roughing application

Case study

Brake disc
Material :
Workpiece condition :
with scale
Cutting speed :
3600 SFM
Feed :
0.02 IPR
.079 〜 .118 inch
Coolant :

75 pcs / corner

Competitor's silicon nitride

50 pcs / corner

SX6 achieved 1.5 times longer tool life compared to competitor's silicon nitride
Milling Application
Material :
Cutting speed :
2600 SFM(SX6)
470 SFM(Competitor's carbide)
Feed :
.0024" IPT(SX6) .0079" IPT(Competitor's carbide)
Feed :
55 IPM (SX6)
22 IPM (Competitor's carbide)
Coolant :

360 pcs / corner

Competitor's carbide inserts

260 pcs / corner

High-speed milling with ceramic significantly reduced cycle time compared to the current carbide inserts. (Single pass process went from 40 min. down to 15min.)
SX6 achieved 1.4 times more tool life.
Tooling costs are reduced by utilizing negative inserts, increasing the number of corners.

Tool lineup

Please check product catalog for tooling lineup

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